PhpCollab : System Requirements

System Requirements
Windows :- Internet Explorer 5.x, 6.x
- Netscape 6.x 
Macintosh :- Internet Explorer 5.x 
Linux :- Mozilla
- Galeon 

PhpCollab : Quick Start

1- :phpCollab is a project management system. It is comprised of two interfaces: 
a :User, which includes admin, employees, co-workers, etc. 
b :Client. 
2- :A central login handles everything. 
a :If a client logs in, then the client is directed to the client interface. 
b :If a team user logs in, then they are directed to the user interface. 
User Features
1- :Within each project you have the following features: 
a :Project Overview 
b :Phases (optional) 
c :Tasks & Sub tasks 
d :Discussions 
e :Team Members 
f :Linked Content (uploaded files) 
g :Notes 
2- :In addition, you also have a few global features such as: 
a :Reports 
b :Calendar 
c :Search 
d :Bookmarks 
3- :One very useful feature is the Home page. This page pulls up all the relevant items for that individual user in one place. This is also the first page that a user sees when logging into the system. So, a user can easily determine what tasks are due, or what projects they are involved in. 
Client Features
1- :Having a unique interface for your clients to use allows your clients to interact with the project team members. 
a :Please note that you must publish any of the items mentioned in order for a client to be able to see it. 
b :At all times you maintain full control of the project. 
2- :When a client first logs into phpCollab they are presented with a Home page that shows all projects that have been created for them. Once a client selects a project they will have the following options: 
a :Project Team - a list of users assigned to the project. 
b :Team Tasks - all the tasks assigned to the project team 
c :Client Tasks - all the tasks assigned to the client 
d :Document List - a list of all the documents uploaded in the Linked Content 
e :Bulletin Board - interfaces with the Discussion section found in the user interface 
f :Support - a client can submit a task as a support request to the project team 
1- :By default, a client will not be able to view anything. 
a :Throughout a project you have the option of publishing items, such as tasks, linked content, team members, etc. Once published, your clients will be able to view the item. 
b :You also have the option of un-publishing items as well. 
What it does NOT do
1- :phpCollab is a fantastic program that can give you the tools necessary to manage all of your tasks and projects. However, there is one misconception. 
a :phpCollab does not publish your web site. phpCollab manages your projects, not your web site.